PNR Status

You can check the current PNR Status of your IRCTC / Indian Railways reservation by entering the ten digit PNR number allotted to you, below. And click on the Check PNR Status button.

You will be redirected to the official Indian Railways web portal and the current PNR Status associated with your Passenger Name record will be displayed.

What does PNR Status mean

Although, it is one of the most commonly used term in the Indian Railways network, a few people are still ambiguous with the term PNR Status. Due the the high volume of passengers and ticket reservations made each day, Indian Railways Ministry introduced the system of PNR Status.

IRCTC enables you to book tickets in advance (2 months prior to the date of journey). When you book a certain ticket, you will be allotted a PNR number and status according the Indian Railways availability chart. If all the seats are filled up, you will be placed in the WL or RAC PNR status by the IRCTC booking system.

Waiting List (WL): As I’ve already mentioned above, when you book a ticket if all the seats are filled up, you will be placed in the Waiting List status. If other passengers cancel their tickets/reservation, you will be placed in the confirmed status.

For Example, if your PNR Status is displayed as WL10/5. ’10’ indicates your position in the waiting list when you booked the ticket and ‘5’ indicates the current position. You will be placed in confirmed status and granted reservation only if 5 existing passengers cancel their tickets.

RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation): The name defines itself. If you are placed in the RAC list, you will be granted accommodation in the train. But you have to share your berth with another passenger (Side Lower Berth). It follows the same system as Waiting List.

For Example, if your current Pnr Status is displayed as RAC 5. ‘5’ indicates your position in the Reservation against cancellation list. Your ticket will be confirmed if 5 passengers with confirmed tickets cancel. If not, you will have to share your berth.

Confirmed: If your PNR Status is displayed as confirmed. It indicates that you are successfully allotted a berth. You need not worry about anything else.

How to check your PNR Status

You can check your current IRCTC PNR Status by entering your PNR number in the form located above or you can follow the instructions depicted below.

  • SMS the exact format “PNR (Your PNR Number)” to either 139 or 5676747. (Without quotes or Brackets).
  • You can call the Indian Railways helpline by dialing 139 to know your PNR Status.
  • If you have booked the tickets online, Login to your account and check the Booking history.
  • You can enquire near the reservation counter to specify your PNR Status.
  • You can also use the Indian Railways app if you are using an Android Smartphone.
  • Note that, ticket cancellations can be made only before chart preparation.

Feel free to contact us, if you face any problems while checking your current PNR Status. Bookmark our page for future reference.